Industrial SEO: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Industrial Marketing

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You’re missing out on some serious ROI if you haven’t yet explored SEO for your industrial business. 

Industrial buyers like to research products and services just like any other consumer. When they hit up google and can’t find you, or worse, only find your competitors, you’ve done them and yourself a massive disservice.

The worst part is you could eliminate one trade show this year to pay for all the SEO your business might need… and it’d pay you back for years.

Industrial SEO is Easier Than You Think

Most industrial brands aren’t willing to try SEO, leaving the arena wide open for those that are.

If you’ve already done some research into SEO, you’ve probably heard of this metric called Keyword Difficulty. In short, it’s a way to gauge your chances of ranking for a given keyword based on many factors that aren’t important for the scope of this article. What is important is that many of the keywords that could be relevant to your business have extremely low keyword difficulties.

Look at this excerpt from a professional SEO tool showing the difficulty of the keyword “contact tips.” 

It’s 1. Doesn’t get much less competitive than that.

Screenshot of SEO data with a low keyword difficulty for the query contact tips

And that’s not the exception. Spending some time with SEO tools reveals tons of keywords with next to no competition, meaning if you wanted to rank for them, you’d be almost guaranteed. 

Self-Serve Sales

People use search engines to find answers to their problems. 

If you’re in business, it’s because you solve a problem that someone else is willing to pay for. Unfortunately though, not everyone who needs your solution knows you exist. That’s a problem.

This sometimes happens when people don’t yet know what your product is called and are searching for terms that might lead them to a solution, i.e., top of funnel content. This could end up being a prospect’s first touch-point with a brand or solution – and I’m willing to bet you’d like it to be your brand or solution, right?

As a buyer gets more frustrated with their problem or sees more value in solving it, they’ll return to search engines with different queries looking for justifications to invest in a solution. You want to provide that justification.

If you keep popping up when a prospect tries to solve their problem, you’ll essentially have them sell themselves. You let them close their objections by answering questions they want answers for.

All this happens without them even contacting you directly because you’ve created content that lets them answer their questions themselves.

A Sustainable, Long-Term Investment

The icing on the cake for industrial brands is that you can almost set it and forget it (for now) when it comes to SEO. 

With so few industrial brands leveraging SEO, there’s a chance your article can rank and stay there for years. Just like the article for contact tips that was published in July of 2019:

Screenshot of old post date for an industrial article

Unlike paid ads, SEO can continue to pay you back long after you made the initial investment. Just imagine how much paid ads would cost you to stay at the top of the search results for 3 years…

Get picking

Industrial SEO isn’t your only option for inbound marketing. But you are missing out if you’re neglecting the channel entirely. So do yourself a favor and at least grab the fruit that’s fallen off the tree.

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