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Industrial Copywriting And Content Creation

For industrial brands that want to scale their business

Pull In, Close, And Retain More Clients With Industrial Copywriting

Content marketing and copywriting can efficently fill your sales pipeline.

But it’s not enough to pump out tons of industrial content. You need high-quality content that’ll attract the right people to your website.

I help by writing long-form, SEO content that gets pre-qualified leads flocking to your website.

And what do those leads do when they’re done reading your content? Well, if you’re lucky, they’ll click over to some other pages on your website, and hopefully find their way to your lead form.

But you shouldn’t leave it to luck. I guide your prospects through your funnel, compelling them to take action and give you their contact information.

But as an industrial B2B marketer you know the client journey doesn’t end there. You need to continually add value to their experience in order to keep them from looking elsewhere for service.

I help by writing valuable industrial content, that builds your brand authority and instills loyalty into your clients.

Stop wasting your money on industrial copywriting that doesn’t help your bottom line.

Industrial Content That:

Google Cares About

There’s a lot of content out there. And Most of it nobody knows about. Don’t waste your marketing budget on content no one will ever find.

I have a full SEO process both before and after writing, ensuring every piece of content will be able to rank in search engines, so you can actually get a return on your investment.

Clients Care About

Regardless of whether your content gets found, if it sucks, clients are going to click back without giving your content a chance.

I make sure your content is engaging and enjoyable to read, so they stick around long enough to recognize your expertise.

You Care About

And while we’re packing your pipeline, we’re going to be creating content you’ll be proud of too.

I write alongside your brand voice, so it sounds and feels like your content, not mine.

Your Business Cares About

What it ultimately comes down to is your bottom line. And the content I’ll create will be an asset that pays dividends for years to come.

Invest now, reap forever.

Hi, I’m Paul, Industrial Copywriter And Content Marketer

I’m an industrial copywriter that’s been on the customer side of B2B industrial relationship for over 10 years.

I’ve had to buy everything from contact tips to control boards and spent time on the tools and in the office.

I can easily relate to your target audience (because I’ve been it) to help you communicate your value, connect with your customers and increase your revenue through effective industrial copywriting.

How Industrial Copywriting Works

1. Extract The Details Of Your Industrial Business

We’ll start by doing a quick overview of your industrial business, setting goals and a plan of attack.

After that, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can collect all the info I need to write your copy. Then, I’ll let you be so you can tend to your business.

2. Keyboard-Bruising Copywriting And Content Creation

Your work here is done. I’ll get cracking on mine and disappear into my corner.

I’ll work on all the content we need to get your prospects converting through your website. When I emerge, I’ll present industrial copy that we’ll both be proud of.

3. Complete And Utter Satisfaction. Guaranteed.

You’ll be ecstatic with your new copy. You’ll wanna publish it faster than your maintenance crew hits the floor when the plant goes down.

And if you don’t? I won’t stop working on it until you do. By the time we’re through, you’ll be 100% satisfied with your copy.

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